Meet the Duo

We design products and packaging, websites and digital experiences, data visualizations, typography, sound, and motion.

As a husband-and-wife duo, we work collaboratively and independently on projects big and small, for print and screens, in English and Spanish. We have a passion for design, and we firmly believe that good communication is key to any successful project.

Our aim is to give our clients a significant competitive edge by creating unique, differentiated brands that stand out in the marketplace. We develop branding and identity strategies rooted in business objectives, and we then translate those strategies into creative execution across all touchpoints.

Notable Works & Campaigns


In 2021, we took on an ambitious mission – to improve the livelihood of farmers by creating a platform that helps them efficiently manage their daily duties. Our team worked hard and created AGMD: an AI-based aggregator which gathers insightful data points from various sources to provide simple yet comprehensive visualizations with actionable advice for boosting productivity. Our systems design and brand identity development expertise helped make this cutting-edge tool shine! We are grateful to have been part of such a meaningful effort toward strengthening food security during these challenging times.

Design Systems Designer: Scott Cartwright. Scrum Master: Stephen Covell. Product Development Lead: S. Nelson.

The Consortium for School Network

The School Consortium Network (CoSN) provides K-12 education technology resources for school districts and over 13 million students in the United States. We are thankful to collaborate with Up Creative Media to design Driving K-12 Innovation, their yearly research publication about top hurdles, accelerators, and tech enablers. Through their membership network, CoSN also offers members access to support from IT teams, thought leadership opportunities, and participation within local chapters spread throughout 30 states and abroad—inspiring a national voice about quality ed-tech initiatives.

Publication Designers: Jenny Lynn Weitz, Scott Cartwright, and UP Creative Media, LLC. Project Director: Laura Geringer. Writer and Communications Manager: Stephanie King. Graphic Facilitator: Karina Branson.

The SchoolWorks Lab

We are incredibly grateful to have worked with The SchoolWorks Lab, a beacon of hope for disadvantaged students. Through its tireless research and advocacy efforts, the organization provides critical resources that bridge the gap in educational outcomes—so teachers can ensure everyone achieves success! We developed an effective brand identity system and translated it into a beautiful web design deliverable celebrating their tremendous work.

Brand Identity and Design Systems Designers: Jenny Lynn Weitz & Scott Cartwright. 


Jenny Lynn and Scott are an innovative pair with a passion for creating beautiful products that bring joy. Their lifestyle brand, Ramble, is the manifestation of their vision: meaningful stationery collections paired with handcrafted goods designed to inspire. With over two decades in branding, type and product design between them, they put their expertise into every item—merging influences from nature to architecture together resulting in unique gifts perfect for even those hard-to-shop-for individuals.

Creative Directors: Jenny Lynn Weitz & Scott Cartwright. 

HMH Coaching Studio

The first step was to understand the needs of the user. What are they trying to accomplish? What workflow do they need to complete? Once we understood the user’s needs well, we began to design the interface. We wanted to create an interface that was easy to use and intuitive. We also wanted to ensure that the information was easy to find and that the user could perform all the necessary actions without getting lost. Once we finished the prototype, we tested it with users to ensure it met their needs. Currently, this web application is in development and will be released to the public sometime next year.

UX Designer: Jenny Lynn Weitz. Product Manager: Meghan Toshner. Design Directors: Nina Millan, Lea Ozeri.

HMH Design Systems Integration for Corporate Website

Creating a well-designed website takes a lot of hard work and planning. Our role within this project was to help a print-centric team transition into a group of talented user experience designers. Overseeing the design system integration includes ensuring that the colors and fonts are consistent across all pages and that the navigation is easy to use. It also involves more technical aspects, such as ensuring the website loads quickly and smoothly on all devices.


Although a complex task, the process of this digital transformation has allowed us to work cross-functionally across product marketing, design, and information technology, with the common goal of creating a site that is easy to use and navigate with accessibility in mind. By streamlining the user experience, we hope to provide our customers with a better online experience that is both informative and easy to use. Ultimately, our goal was to help create a website that met the needs of users while also reflecting the brand of the company.

UX Researcher: Scott Cartwright. Lead UX Designer: Jenny Lynn Weitz. Principal Software Engineer: Joe Ravgiala. Lead Front-End Designer: Andrey Pykhantsev. Web Developer: Sergey Petryaev. Product Manager: Linet Menachery. UX Designers: Karen Stroman, Jaclyn Salem, Francesco LoGiacco. Marketing Automation Specialists: Erica Webb, Matt Leonard. Copy Writers: Jennifer Prescott; Brenda Iasevoli. Design Manager & Art Directors: Megan Wilbur, Rachel Parekh, Adana Jimenez. Director of Digital Marketing: Amanda Cupelli. Sr. Dir. Demand Generation: Marcie Silver.

HMH Teacher Success Pathways on Ed

The teacher success pathways are tailored and timed to teachers’ needs and schedules to make teaching with new programs more manageable and rewarding. We were part of a large team of more than 30 people, including Instructional Designers, Researchers, and fellow UX Designers. Our role was to create the thumbnails that lead the user into each pathway, where teachers can join and watch sessions on demand, access shared materials, and download certificates right from HMH’s teaching platform. In addition, we worked with practicing HMH teachers to design our new pathways to save teachers time. With resources like scaffolded lesson plans for their first two weeks, teachers will now have the right tools at their fingertips to make planning achievable from day one.

UX Researcher: Scott Cartwright. UX Designer: Jenny Lynn Weitz.  Sr. Designers: Joslyn Solitario, Caroline Goh. Design Directors: Nina Millan, Lea Ozeri.


Olympic Champion DeeDee Trotter shows student athletes the math behind becoming an Olympian. They learn that a big part of the process of joining the ranks of the world’s greatest athletes involves being measured, in categories including speed, distance, and repetitions.

The MATH AT WORK web series is intended to demonstrate how math is needed in students’ future career aspirations and their everyday lives. Various industry leaders work with students using real-life math scenarios. 

Jenny Lynn’s role as design manager allowed her to work with a large team of content writers, senior designers, and producers. She led the art direction of all downloadable lesson plans, social media promotions, and public-facing email campaigns.

Production Team: Richard Blankman, Tim Lee, Alex Sherwin, Thomas Velazquez, Shannon Roper. Senior Designers: Annika Matos, Francesco LoGiacco. Design Manager: Jenny Lynn Weitz. Art Direction: Adana Jimenez.

HMH Learning Moments Podcast: Teachers in America & SHAPING THE FUTURE

Two podcasts for K-12 educators covering the ever-changing learning landscape. From educators in the classroom to leaders outside of the field of education, every moment is a chance to create connections, share stories, and explore the ideas and innovations that will influence the future. HMH Learning Moments is produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, The Learning Company™, inspiring the thinkers and doers of tomorrow. Teachers in America, features interviews with real teachers and Shaping the Future, features experts discussing education trends and how to prepare students for success in an unpredictable world.


What work goes into producing these two HMH podcasts? It’s a huge team effort behind the scenes, and this project was one of the highlights of Jenny Lynn’s career at HMH. As the design manager, she had the joy to oversee the branding, from ideation to concept development, and design execution of marketing assets across digital platforms. 

Production Team: Christine Condon, Ali Habashi, Tim Lee, Alicia Mitchell, Alex Sherwin, Onalee Smith, Thomas Velazquez, Noelle Morris. Junior Designer: Christina Lu. Senior Designer: Mio Frye. Design Manager: Jenny Lynn Weitz. Art Direction: Adana Jimenez.


HMH’s social media profiles are dedicated space for teachers, honoring their hard work and relentless spirit. Each profile aims to provide free classroom resources, insightful articles, and other helpful content.

Jenny Lynn oversaw all aspects of social media design and worked with a team of writers, learning architects, designers, and senior designers to develop a cohesive content strategy for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, ensuring consistency in tone, photography, and branding.

Content Writers: Julia Roch, Jordan Friedman, Richard Blankman, Janna Sakson, Glenn Greenberg, Christine Condon. Social Media Managers: Kelly Pivarnik, Sadae Williams. Senior Designers: Karen Stroman, Jack Bradley, Francesco LoGiacco, Sara Greenwood. Designers: Mio Frye, Stephanie Valderrama, Adelaide Ritter, Christina Lu. Photographers: Carrie Garcia, Lori Andrews, Lauren Litton, Rene Preston. Design Management & Art Direction: Jenny Lynn Weitz, Adana Jimenez, Rachel Parekh, Megan Wilbur, and Jenn Smith.

Carmen Sandiego & The Forgotten Stories of The Oregon Trail

Managed the design of K-12 free classroom resources for the award-winning Netflix® series, Carmen Sandiego®, and downloadable lesson plans and activities for The Forgotten Stories of The Oregon Trail®. Drove the design competition efforts to elevate the HMH brand, resulting in winning a Gold Addy Award and becoming a finalist for the Pioneer Awards, both for the integrated marketing campaign of the web series Carmen Sandiego: Fearless Kids Around the World.

Content Writers: Julia Roch, Jordan Friedman, Richard Blankman, Janna Sakson, Christine Condon. Senior Designers: Annika Matos, Karen Stroman. Design Management & Art Direction: Jenny Lynn Weitz, Adana Jimenez, Megan Wilbur.


Founded in 2017, Tempor is an independent publication telling stories about the dirt under our feet, delving into issues of land politics of our past, and how they translate into our future.


With two printed issues out in English, and translated versions in Spanish as electronic publications, Tempor features photography and critical writing about extraordinary people and places. Its podcast, Tempor Footnotes, launched in the Spring of 2020, featuring shorthand audio notes and insightful interviews about current topics.


As co-creators and co-founders, Scott and Jenny Lynn handled the overall branding and layout design of the publication and UX design of the digital versions. They also created all promotional assets for the podcast, as well as all email campaigns. 

Words, Photography & Creative Direction: Scott Cartwright. Copy Editors: Mary Headrick, Leah Hamilton French, James Hays. Spanish Language Translation: Efrén Ordoñez—C12 Editores. Art Direction & Integrated Marketing: Jenny Lynn Weitz.


HCCC is a nonprofit arts organization founded to advance education about the process, product, and history of craft. The Center’s major emphasis is on objects of art made primarily from craft materials: clay, fiber, glass, metal, wood, or found/recycled materials.


Jenny Lynn was part of the marketing team between the years 2010 and 2018, in which she grew professionally from Web & Marketing Assistant to Graphic Designer, Marketing Coordinator, Communications Manager, and then served as Marketing Director. She had the joy to execute creative and effective visual communication campaigns in support of exhibitions, educational programs, development, and retail to drive traffic, membership enrollment, and strategic initiatives.


Additionally, Jenny Lynn lead the design for all internal and public-facing projects, including significant exhibition publications, annual reports, and fundraising materials. She also owned the social media strategy and public relations efforts, while Scott was in charge of event photography and photo retouching for all marketing efforts.

Craft Crew: Perry A. Price, Mary Headrick, Kathryn Hall, Sarah Darro, Miriam Mendoza, Natalie Svacina, Tarina Frank, Suzanne Sippel, Amanda Shackleford, Blaize Middleton. Art Direction & Integrated Marketing: Jenny Lynn Weitz. Event Photography: Scott Cartwright.